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Natural Search is a War Against Millions of Pages
With natural search (



Search Engine Optimization

), you compete with virtually every web page indexed. There may be tens of thousands of competing website sites on topic with dozens or hundreds of pages each.   To receive traffic, you need want to be found in the first page of results on that particular keyword and

search engine optimization

  gets you there.

SEOs Battle for Top Listings
With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, we optimize your website to achieve higher ranks in the search engines. Page content, directory listings, in-bound links, articles, social media and more, all play a role in Search Engine Optimization. Unless you implement very specific strategies and spend time developing your SEO strategy, success is very unlikely.

Natural Search & Search Engine Optimization is Far More Complex than Ever
There are literally hundreds of factors that go into natural search: the domain name... the page name... the age of the domain... who links to you... what text appears in that link... who links to the page that links to you... what else on that page are they linking to... and so much more. SEO is massively complex and an extremely challenging art. For those successful, the rewards from Search Engine Optimization can be huge.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization as Part of a Balanced Strategy
So what should you do? We believe the best solution is to start with a balanced strategy, a combination of paid search (pay-per-click) which will deliver consistent traffic (if you can afford it) coupled with a solid SEO strategy. As the SEO campaign matures (it can take 6-12 months of work for natural listings to even start appear in the engines) you can wean off of paid search on those keywords that hit great natural listings.

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