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Search Optimization Services (SEO)
In order to do well in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) you need to have a well defined strategy that focuses on multiple needs:
  1. You need traffic as quickly as possible
  2. You need search traffic on the right keywords
  3. You need search listings that link to the right pages on your site
Outsourcing Your SEO Campaign
Most companies lack the expertise and time required to really optimize your site for natural search. They also forget the key concept: that we are optimizing your site. This doesn't mean that we are just submitting your site to the engines for review (which we do). It means that the site itself needs to be near perfect to allow the search engines to read the site, find the pages to be indexed, and find quality content that they can then index.

Preparing Your Site for an SEO Campaign
Our SEO experts work on many aspects of your site to help prepare it for indexing, including site structure, naming conventions, internal and external linking structures, page content, page structure and more. While content is king in search, if you do not present the content properly, the engines will not index it.

Development of Rich Content
Both the engines and users look for rich content in your website. Is the page simply a giant ad designed in Photoshop (which the search engines cannot index), a Flash movie (which they will generally not index) or a site rich in information (which they will index). It is important that we work with you to develop "rich content" that both the engines and users enjoy.

Secret Tip: In SEO, many people focus on pages that rank well. In Expert SEO, we focus on pages that rank well AND generate sales. What good is a listing if no one who clicks on it buys?

Developing Quality In-Bound Links
Do not go to eBay and buy 10,000 links for $100. If you even get the links they are likely of the worst quality, from a Link Farm. The engines not only frown upon this but may actually black-list your site competely. A sudden burst of unqualified in bound links is the biggest red flag that the engines will see.

You need a link building campaign that builds quality links over time. The search engines want real, quality sites to have the top ranks. In the real world, quality sites develop an increasing number of in-bound links over time: as more people see the site they link to it and refer to it.

Your link building strategy needs the same approach. Our experts research and find industry sites, blogs, directories and individual websites that can link to you. These sites are selected based on their relevancy, quality and reputation with the search engines. We then directly solicit links from them in an effort to develop more in-bound links for your website. Over time, you may have hundreds of quality links vs. tens of thousands of untargeted links, and you will achieve far greater success with quality than quantity.

Real SEO Requires Patience
If you have had someone promise you thousands of listings in just 14 days, please read this page discussing the truth about SEO. SEO is not an overnight performance and not everyone is willing to make the time and financial commitment necessary to succeed.

What to Expect in the First 12 Months
The launch phase of the SEO campaign involves massive review and potential edits of the site content, linking structure, site structure and more. No changes are made without your approval; you have the final say on all matters.

Once the site is relaunched, the on-going optimization begins. On-going SEO optimization potentially involves many tasks:
  • Building in-bound links
  • Adding additional content (as needed)
  • Developing outside content (articles, blogs, etc.)
  • Modifying internal and external linking strategies (as needed)
  • Updating existing site content (as needed)
On a monthly basis we will send you a report detailing your progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and helping you identify areas of the site that you may want to devote more attention to (for example, if a particular service ranks well, and you receive significant interest in it, shift additional attention to providing that service).

As part of an integrated approach, we review your natural listings along with your paid listings every week. If we can identify new top natural listings and lower or stop paid listings on that keyword, that will save you money and, optionally, allow you to divert that budget into other keywords that have paid listings and have not yet achieved natural listings.

SEO as Part of a Balanced Strategy
As we've discussed else where on the site, we believe that a balanced strategy to search is best. Natural search can take 6-12 months to gain listings on competitive terms, and may never achieve the listings you want on a particular keyword. By complementing your campaign with a pay-per-click campaign you will have the best of both worlds: PPC gives you immediate listings and business today, and SEO gives you the potential for high volumes of clicks from natural search (which the engines do not charge for) in the future.

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