Relevancy Cloud

Our Complete Suite of Services to Make You the Most Relevant Authority On the Web

Be the Authority on the Web in Your Space
The Relevancy Cloud™ Will Make You Shine

The Relevancy Cloud™ is a proprietary system developed by Direct Response Group. The Relevancy Cloud has been designed to make your Internet presence the most relevant within your space. Our goal is to make you the authority in the eyes of Google as well as your prospective customers.

To achieve this, the relevancy cloud integrates a range of the online marketing strategies into our secret formula to help you build your brand, visibility, and traffic on the web.

High Level View of the Relevancy Cloud:
The Relevancy Cloud integrates multiple online strategies to make you more relevant, driving more prospects and revenue to your business.

Let's take a look at the Relevancy Cloud together.

The Foundation of the Relevancy Cloud Is Relevant Content

Your website and the information that your company puts forward must be relevant to what you are promoting. If you are a lawyer practicing three areas of law, your content should focus on those. If you are a contractor working in two counties, you need to focus on that.

The content must be informative, valuable and engaging. Visitors to your site need to learn why you are the only logical choice amongst all your competitors. We need to explain the benefits to them of working with you and why they should call you today. Google needs to see that you are an authoritative company, receiving the attention and respect of visitors to your website.

The Foundation of the Relevancy Cloud
is High Quality & Timely Content

The Relevancy Cloud Spreads the Word Across the Web

Content goes beyond your website. The content we are describing also carries forward to blogs, social media posts, press releases, document sites, business directories, and other resources. We make your name ubiquitous with authority in your vertical.

As we produce high-quality material over time, more and more people will find you and your website. We will give people a reason to engage. We will give people a reason to come back. We will give Google a reason to understand why you are the authority.

From interesting blog posts to ? articles, newsletters, and video, we will stake a claim for you on the web to make you and your business truly stand out.

The Relevancy Cloud Uses Proven White Hat SEO Strategies

Trusted SEO Strategies

White hat SEO strategies are the cornerstone of promoting you in organic search. Rich content that engages the user, fresh and timely blog posts and other engaging content attract visitors. The more engaged visitors become, the more time they spend on your website. The more time they spend on the website, the more Google wants to send you additional visitors.

Google’s primary focus is user experience. The better the experience for their users, the more frequently they will use Google. As a result, Google rewards websites with comprehensive content strategies that deliver high value to website visitors. We place tremendous emphasis on relevant content, which goes hand-in-hand with solid SEO strategies.

User-Experience Focused Approach

Relevant interlinking of content on the site, strategic use of authority resources, a well-structured website, and engaging multipage website experiences all contribute to a successful campaign.

Strategic Integration of
Organic Search (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC)

The Relevancy Cloud Leverages Paid Advertising to Expand Reach

Facebook Advertising

Going beyond organic search, we also use paid social media advertising to drive in interested visitors to your website. We always want to attract relevant visitors who can benefit from your content. Recognizing that not everybody is searching Google today, we utilize paid media to attract others who are interested but not searching.

We begin with paid social media advertising on Facebook. Active Facebook users spend over three hours per day on Facebook. If you want to reach these people, we need to position you where they are.

In the past, your company could create a Facebook page and post relevant information on the page, with upwards of 75% of people following the page seeing the posts on that page. That number has dropped over recent years, and today virtually no one will see the posts on your page unless they go to the page themselves. Facebook has removed them from the individual timeline to make more room for paid advertising.

Using a combination of Facebook ads and boosted posts, we can get your message in front of your audience on Facebook. These ads can generate social signals strengthening your relevancy. They can also drive visitors directly to your website. Finally, they help you build the brand at a low cost, even in the smallest of markets. Yes, we can advertise down to the ZIP Code, targeting only people who meet certain criteria.

You can have a campaign at an extremely low cost in a local market. It can have the same impact on Facebook as a top 50 national advertisers.

Pay Per Click (AdWords)

Another strategy we employ is the use of Google AdWords. Some keywords are highly relevant and affordable on AdWords, letting you buy the top positions on Google.

With Google AdWords, Google features you on keywords we choose. You pay Google a fee for each click that they deliver. If 500 people do a search and just 40 people click on your ad, you only pay for the 40. The other 460 are free.

Often when starting a campaign, certain keywords simply do not rank in organic search. They may come later, or they may be so competitive, that paid search is needed to supplement the efforts. Nonetheless, these keywords bring in highly relevant visitors. If they have a strong user experience (extended time on your website and viewing multiple pages) that is a positive signal to Google that people like your website. As a result, your advertising cost can drop, and your listings in organic search can rise.

It is all about making you as relevant as possible, giving your business the recognition it deserves.

Engage & Re-Engage with Retargeting Strategies

The Relevancy Cloud Brings Them Back with Retargeting

An integrated retargeting (remarketing) campaign will help bring users back once they have reached your website. A retargeting campaign (called remarketing by Google) is a campaign where visitors to your website continue to see your advertisements after they leave your website and move about the web.

If you have ever visited a website and then see advertisements for that site over the next few days, you have experienced retargeting. These are "display advertisements" (banner advertisements) designed to catch the attention of your audience and bring them back to you with an opportunity to engage with you. They already know you, but for whatever reason have not taken action. Now they are returning, already aware of what lies ahead.

We can deliver messaging specific to their interests in the products and services you offer. Our Relevancy Cloud retargeting campaign can bring them back.

What is Retargeting (Remarketing)?

In its simplest terms, a retargeting campaign (remarketing campaign) uses display ads (banner ads) to bring visitors back to your site.

After a prospect visits your site, they are tracked by large ad networks (Google, Facebook, ...). We can then show them ads across the web encouraging them to come back (we are "retargeting" them).

These are people who had an interest but weren't ready to take action. If they click through on your ad, they are 10x more likely to convert!