Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Be Found Where Your Customers Are Looking - Google, Bing & Yahoo

Search Engine Optimization Attracts Leads and Clients

On the internet, search engine optimization (or SEO) is the most effective method of finding new customers online. More specifically, SEO allows prospects and new customers to find you.

When your potential clients have a need - a need for a product or service - where do they go? Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. Those four search engines represent more than 98% of online searches by people who have buying intent.

True Search Engine Optimization is Hard Work

In the early 2000's, people would try to trick the search engines into giving them higher ranks, by adding thousands of keywords to the bottom of the page, then by generating millions of bogus links from overseas accounts. Later, they began creating web pages that repeated one keyword over and over.

Search Engines are Smart and Don't Like Being Tricked

The search engines evolved, got smarter, and these tactics do not work. In fact, they can trigger penalties that can hurt your website in search.

That's right, Google will punish - and even ban - your website if you are engaging in black hat tactics!

Only work with an ethical SEO expert who knows how to "do it right."

Achieve Real Results with Quality Content that Users Love

The only way to generate real results is through delivering high quality content, on a regular basis, both on your site and from well trusted sources.

You do not need a million backlinks, but you need some from sites that Google trusts. You do not need to jam a word on the page ten thousand times, but you need to use it - and dozens of variations - in a meaningful and natural way.

Google Cares About Users, Not You or Your Website

Many people fail to realize - Google doesn't care about you. They don't like or hate you. What they LOVE are their users. They want market share and they want the best of everything for people who use Google.

What does this mean to you? You have to give Google want it wants (happy users), and Google will give you what you want (more users)!

Google Cares What Users Think About Your Website

The only extent to which Google cares about your site is answered by this question: "Do you make their users happy?"

Google knows all. Google can see how many people visit your website every day. They know how long they spend on your website. They know how many pages they view. Google knows how many people "bounce" and leave your site. How does Google react?

Search Engine Optimization Focuses on Happy Users with Great Content

If your users seem happy, you will rank better, and they will give you more visitors. If however, you are disappointing their users, they will take away your ranks and give them to someone else.

To rank well, you need great content that engages users. It needs to be relevant, and it needs to satisfy the user experience.

What is the Cost of Not Doing Better in Search?

The real cost of a failed search campaign (or a non-existent one) is hard to quantify. How many opportunities did you miss? How much revenue did you forfeit to your competition? How much would that additional sale have added to your bottom line profits?

With a well-designed campaign and SEO strategy, you can climb ahead. You can gain market share. You can pick up more business at a lower cost.

Want to Know a Secret to Search Engine Optimization?

Google Doesn't Care About Your Website. It is true. There are millions of websites out there. They don't care if yours is online or not. They don't know how hard you try during the day to deliver high quality services. If you want to rank better in search, it has nothing to do with how well you do your job.

Google cares about one thing: Users.

Users are what make Google billions of dollars every month. Users click on their ads. Users drive their profits. Without users, they have no profit. Therefore, Google focuses on users, not websites.

Define Your Goals and Use SEO to Achieve Those Goals

SEO Can Get You More Leads and Sales from the Web

The most common business challenges are:

  • Your business is not getting enough leads
  • Your business is getting low quality leads
  • Your business is getting leads at too high of a cost
  • Your business is getting leads that are not ready to close

A properly designed and well executed campaign can generate leads from Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. Yes, you can buy display ads and pay-per-click advertising. However, 70% of users on search skip the ads and go to the "organic listings" (the real business listings).

Search engine optimization strategies are the only way to influence how high you can rank - and how many people will actually click on your listing to reach your website and your business.

Why Does SEO Work So Well?

The main reason SEO (search engine optimization) is so effective is the motivation of the user. Imagine, for a minute, you need a plumber.

What do you do? You go to Google and look for a plumber! Search engine optimization is how your business get in front of those searching.

People coming from SEO are 500% more likely to close as new customers, as opposed to outbound leads you generate.


Because your best new client has a need, and they are searching for a solution to that need right now..

Other ads are impulse driven - the ad can catch someone's eye, they click on a link, and they look for more information on a topic. However, that does not make them a buyer. It does not even make them a prospect. It makes them a troller.

The ultimate new prospects come from search. They decided - on their own - to search for what you offer. They are motivated. They need what you are offering, and they are looking for it right now.

Our White Hat Search Engine Optimization Strategies Rely on Many Strategies

Ranking well in Google and other search engines is driven in large partby the happiness of its users. The method by which Google gauges this elusive "user happiness" can be complicated, and achieving that is where we come in.

What Your Competitors Get from their SEO Campaigns

If you doubt the power of SEO, look to your competition. If they are ranking ahead of you, they are getting leads and sales that could have been yours.

  • People may think your competition is better because... Users often think another company is better because they outrank you on Google.

  • Want More Leads? Rank Higher. You need more people seeing your name, more people clicking into your site, and more people engaging.
  • Google always shows competing sites on the first page of Google. There will always be competition there, and Google will always serve up results.

  • If they can't find you, it is as if your business does not even exist.
    The only question is this: will they even find you and consider you?

Enter: The Relevancy Cloud™

Our Relevancy Cloud TM service addresses all of this with a comprehensive and methodical approach to making you the trusted authority in your space. This includes:

  • Reviewing your website design to ensure it meets essential factors required to rank in the search engines;
  • Highly relevant and engaging content that triggers Google's algorithms to compel them to share your site with their users;
  • Fresh and ever-changing content that demonstrates you are running an active website to meet peoples' needs, and not simply a built-once brochure;
  • Engaging rich content such as graphics, video, PDFs and more, designed to give even more value to your users;
  • Content syndicated to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), which users can find and engage;
  • Links from social media, allowing people a path back to your website;
  • Promotion of your syndicated social media content, helping even more people find your content and website;
  • Measured user experiences, determining what is most engaging and valuable to users, allowing us to expand on those topics; and
  • Other online tasks to drive high quality users to your content.

Call Now and Speak with the The Experts

We will improve your visibility to your customers, and help you jump through a lot of hoops. Content, engagement, user experience, reputation and trust are all important factors. There are more than 100 criteria we look at with each client to improve all of these.

We understand what it takes to do well - and where your advertising dollars will make the greatest impact on your business..

We do not accept everyone who calls us - we assess your situation and see if it is reasonable to help you. Realistically, some requests will be unattainable. No, your local business will not rank #1 in the US on the word "insurance" - it just won't happen.

What we can do is work with you and provide thousands of opportunities to bring in targeted and qualified prospects. We can advise you on the best strategies and approaches. We will build and execute on a plan to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.